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Books on LGBTQ+ Topics

Journal Articles

Note: This list is based upon selected publications by the ASPA LGBT Advocacy Alliance Section. This list is a selection of an extensive collection of LGBTQ+ publications. The list below is alphabetical by last name.

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Selected Publications:

Elias, Nicole M. (2020). LGBTQ+ Civil Rights: Local Government Efforts in a Volatile Era. Public Administration Review.

Federman, Peter S. and Elias, Nicole M. Rishel. (2017). Beyond the Lavender Scare: LGBT and Heterosexual Employees in the Federal Workplace. Public Integrity, 19 (1), 22-40.



Selected Publications:

Dolamore, Stephanie & Naylor, Lorenda A. (2018). “Providing solutions to LGBT homeless youth: Lessons from Baltimore’s Youth Empowered Society.” Public Integrity. Vol. 20, pp. 595-610. Published online 2017.

Naylor, Lorenda. (2018).” Counting an invisible class of citizens: The LGBT population and the U.S. Census.” Public Integrity. Published online September 27, 2018. DOI: 10.1080/10999922.2018.1487748 

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Selected Publications:

Surfus, Christopher R. (2013). Equity issues in LGBT funding: Inequality remains despite national progress. SPNHA Review: Vol. 9, Iss. 1, Article 7.

Surfus, Christopher R., “Michigan Municipal Manager Perceptions on LGBTQ+ Inclusion: A Narrative Policy Framework Case Study” (2021). Dissertations. 3740.